Nothing but love when Chef Christopher is cooking. Not only does he take detail in preparation of the dining table but you won’t want to leave after feasting from his authentic Caribbean menu. The mother and son duo really put their all into presentation and making you feel like you’re a special part of their tradition for the evening.. I have nothing but five star reviews about the intimate dining setting and the mouth watering (room for seconds) course dinner. I can’t wait to join Christopher again on another dining adventure and feast my eyes on some decadent home made and thoughtful assembled dishes ❤️😋🍴
— Dasha H.

Billy D.

Wha G'waan Chef Christopher and Chef Sharon!!! Give Thanks and Praise!!! Let me start out by saying I am completely in love with Jamaican cuisine, culture, and of course the music. I have been to the island multiple times and I frequent Jamaican restaurants whenever I can, here in the Bay Area, when I travel to SoCal (L.A. and S.D.) several times each year, and then when I'm back in NYC where I grew up (Brooklyn, Queens, etc.). Chef Christopher and Chef Sharon could go head to head with the best of them (even Chef Robert of Coconuts and Back-A-Yard fame).
Their food was on-point, very authentic flavors, and quality of the ingredients were what I would call "FIRE" aka high-grade. The Boom Boom Prawns, Caribbean Red Pea Soup, Jerk Chicken, Rice n Peas, and on and on, Lawd a Mercy!!! All dishes get a 10 out of 10. If I could eat this meal more often, I would, it was seriously good stuff! We absolutely love, love, loved the meal. Service was also on-point, and the vybez were right that night, a wonderful escape from the norm and a quick trip to the Caribbean without having to leave S.F.
I always enjoy dinners with a nice reggae beat playing over the speakers, and a very fun crowd in attendance; this was definitely that dinner. It was BYOB so we also brought a few bottles of wine and a few bottles Almanac's Tropical Galaxy (a tropical, sour beer; by the way, if you want a beer that goes perfect with spicy JA cuisine, grab a few of these amazing Almanac brews at their spot on 24th in the Mission). It was also really inspiring to see a mother and son chef team work together to bring the people a very authentic, flavorful, and fun dining experience. We want more, and we will be back. Keep up the great work and irie vybez. Jah Bless!!

This was my first Reds House meal and absolutely loved it. Chris was a wonderful host and chef! Great reggae music playing in the background, attentive service and amazing food. I could have finished my bowl as well as my friends bowl of the Jamaican chicken n pumpkin soup. Still thinking about it now... The Ox tail was falling off the bone and paired well with the coconut rice. The grilled pineapple and ice cream was delicious. Perfect way to end a meal. First time since my trip to Jamaica have I had an authentic Jamaican meal in San Francisco bay area. Can’t wait till the jerk chicken dinner!!! Loved that you and your mom spent time chatting with everyone after the dinner was over!
— Denise H.

Rosie S.

This was my first Reds House Experience, but it definitely won't be my last. Christopher's food was amazing - we were craving a home cooked, authentic Caribbean meal, and that's exactly what we got. While all the food was great, the oxtail and the pineapple dessert were definitely my faves. I also loved how welcoming Christopher was; his fun loving personality just lights up the room and puts everyone at ease!

Chef Christopher was a wonderful host and his food was to die for! The jerk pork meatballs were perfectly moist, seasoned well, and a little crispy on the outside. He used coconut milk for the red beans and rice, which was a fun flavor profile. Lastly, the jerk pork ribs were fall off the bone tender and perfectly spicy!
— Lorin B.

Brandon C.                                                                                                                         Christopher is an entertaining and engaging host offering a spread of Jamaican                                                                                                                                                    deliciousness in a warm ambiance you wont readily find in San Francisco.                                                                                                                                                              Highly recommend to follow him wherever he's serving!

Fantastic cooks - so hospitable and kind and made the experience very personal and warm. The food was excellent as well. We left with a great conversation and hug with the cooks!
— Ashley W.

Excellent food and wonderful hosts! Can’t wait to do it again very soon!
— Mike A.

This was my first time trying Reds House SF and this meal was probably one of the best I’ve ever had. The environment was fun and cozy, but most importantly, the food was delicious. I would recommend this meal to all of my friends and plan to do just that. :)
— Monica V.

The food was excellent overall, but the jerk chicken with mango salsa? That was out of this world: juicy and tender on the inside, the chicken had just the right amount of char on the outside. The spice rub wasn't just flavorfulll, but also added a wonderfully pronounced spicey kick. Add to that the wonderfully fruity mango salsa, whose consistency was more like barbecue sauce. It had a pleasant balance of sweetness and the crisp heat of scotch bonnet peppers, with enough tartness from the mangoes to prevent it from entering syrupy-sweetness territory. Combine the chicken and the salsa, and you will likely be reminded of that scene in Pixar's Ratatouille, when Remy waxes poetic about the delight of a strawberry and fine cheese in their own rights, and the fireworks-inducing delight when you combine them. Forgive me for putting into so many words what could be said in just a few: Chances are that this seriously was the best grilled chicken I ever had. I sure hope that Christopher and his charming Mom will follow up on the rumors that they spread during the dinner: Namely, that they will open a brick-and-mortar restaurant in San Francisco.

- Jochen W.

This was my first Reds House SF experience, and I loved it! I enjoyed the venue, presentation, food, music & experience! I would say the pea soup was my favorite item. I’ll definitely be looking forward to the next one.
— Gina R.

Delicious! Such a unique and amazingly warm experience. Will definitely come back soon!
— Julia F.

Amazing food & super friendly family. Everyone left hugging!
— Megan P.

Really excited about this menu, and they delivered. Meal was fantastic! Flavors, presentation - all fabulous! Sharon and Christopher were welcoming hosts. Can’t wait to attend another one.
— Genevieve C.

The food was delicious. Oxtail was flavorful and tender. Jamaican food was very authentic. The chef was very nice and charming he interacted with the table explaining each dish that added to the experience. Great conversations at the table. Made new friends and left completely satisfied. Definitely recommend and will need my Jamaican fix soon.
— David B.