established in 2016

Hello I'm Chef Christopher and I am the Founder of Reds House SF.  

I hail from a Multi-cultural background that has only cemented my future in exploring and sharing the different flavors and food techniques that I have grown up with.

My Mother Chef Sharon taught me how to cook at age 10 and her grandmother taught her age 10. My mother has been trained in the art of preparing and cooking traditional Caribbean dishes; In turn my Mother trained me.

Great-Grandmother trained my mom to trust her Jamaican instincts and create dishes that displayed creativity and depth. 

I was Living in San Francisco for years before returning to New York City, where I was Born and Raised. It was hard for me to leave  San Francisco because I fell in love with this magical place. The People, the Culture and West Coast Vibes.

But while in New York City I realized something! Caribbean food is and has always been a  prominent fixture on the East Coast and Non-Existent in San Francisco and most of Northern California. I knew this was a  problem that needed to be solved, I had to do something.  It was also a reason to come back to the City I fell in love with.

This is where my #EATTROPICS initiative was born, I convinced my Mother to lend her expertise, guidance and skills to my cause.
In Early 2016 I created and launched an Eat Tropics Initiative #EATTROPICS which spread across social media. The response of which was overwhelmingly positive.

The experience has been a very surprising one because of the overwhelming support from the community.

There is so much love for the Islands, the Food and our Culture.  This feeds the need to create an experience for people to Taste The Tropics.